Q 1. What is a home inspection?2021-07-06T07:11:16+00:00

It is a professional consulting service that establishes the present condition of a home, based on a visual inspection of every crucial aspect. It focuses on the quality of the home instead of just its external features. Inspections are usually performed during a real estate deal but may be done any other time too.

Q 2. Are you licensed to carry out such a technical procedure?2021-07-06T07:12:02+00:00

Yes. We are licensed, insured, and bonded under a legal agreement by the State of Michigan.

Q 3. Can you tell us whether to buy a home or not?2021-07-06T07:12:16+00:00

No, we don’t make any of your decisions. All our inspection reviews and reports are meant to guide you through the decision-making process.

Q 4. How much does a home inspection cost?2021-07-06T07:12:32+00:00

Get in touch with our team and get a free estimate today.

Q 5. Do you make sure the property is built in accordance with the regulatory codes?2021-07-06T07:13:04+00:00

Yes. Our licensed real estate agent makes sure you don’t have to worry about regulatory city codes.

Q 6. Why can’t I do it myself?2021-07-06T07:13:21+00:00

Even the most experienced of homeowners can miss the minutest of details. A certified home inspector is familiar with home construction, proper installation, maintenance, and home safety, which makes them perfect for this job.

Q 7. Where are we based in?2021-07-06T07:13:49+00:00

We are located in Belleville, Michigan, and cover all the nearby locations.

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